About Us



The concept on an entire book on a poster was created in the UK back in 2007 after being inspired by fine, architectural drawings.  It was a 'hold my beer' moment to discover that - yes - a whole book could actually fit onto a single page!!

The Spineless Classics brand was quickly established as a firm favourite for those who love books and art (and lets face it - who doesn't adore both!) making the prints a beautiful and unique addition to any home or commercial space.

Spineless Classics Australia was launched in 2011 and is located in sunny Perth (where we love our footy as much as books!).

We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated with all our posters printed right here in WA.

There is nothing quite like seeing your treasured childhood book come to life, reminding us of a time where we lost ourselves in the simple pleasures of reading.  Here at Spineless Classics we aim to capture this magical feeling in our designs and hope you feel as inspired by our creations as we do.